Our current projects

Pixelbite Stock Media
Stock media website.

Studio Optimize
Studio that specializes in image and script optimization for websites.

iK3 Group’s web technologies experimentation division.

Highest Website
The highest website on the Internet: 100,638,174 Pixels; equivalent to 22 miles or 35.5 kilometers.

Longest Number
The longest number ever published on the Internet: 1 followed by 12,296,829 zeros.

Web Coder Forum
Online forum for web design and development.

Image hosting and sharing website.

iK3 Group’s numerical processing and mathematical number crunching division.

Digits of Pi
A site providing calculated values of pi ranging from 100 to multiple billions of digits.

The Pi Book
A series of books containing values of pi calculated by iK3 Group Mathematics.

An experiment to convert audio and sound waves to seismograms using accelerometers.

Réunion Island Network
Parent group of our Réunion Island-related projects.

The Réunion Island Geological Information Center.

(ri) Weather
Current information and forecasts on weather and meteorological activity on Réunion Island, including radar and satellite images.

(ri) Webcams
Webcam feeds from Réunion Island.


Collection of iK3 Group’s open source web resources and assets.

iK3 Group’s primary data system.

System Status
Status of all iK3 Group systems.

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